Lockhart, Eshkol and Adams at LACMA

Pam and I went to the opening of the Sharon Lockhart – Noa Ehkol exhibit at LACMA last night.  It should just be called the Noa Eshkol exhibit.  Basically it is an installation of videos of various Eshkol dance routines performed by her students with some of Eshkol’s tapestries as backdrops.  The videos are static (the camera does not move, but the dancers do).  There is a rhythmic background noise, not music.  It’s sort of nice to watch, like any video would be, but not as nice as watching modern dance live.  We weren’t sure why it belonged in an art museum.

LACMA also has a huge exhibit of photographs by Robert Adams.  The rooms are too large and so the installation looks a little silly, just rows and rows of ordinary-size photographs in otherwise empty rooms.  The photos, which feature photos of the American West in Adams’ “New Topographic” style, are also sort of empty.  The most affecting were the ones showing deforestation in Oregon.