Jentl Chalfan Ausch (c.1620-c.1700)

Jentl Chalfan was the daughter of Chaim Chalfan and Kressel and was probably born in Vienna. She was married to Joseph Ausch, haLevi, the Rosh Medina (literally, “head of the land”), a signatory of the statutes governing Bohemian Jewry (outside Prague) from 1659. In 1665 Jewish dealers in woolen goods were barred from entering the town of Litomerice, but Joseph Ausch petitioned to be allowed to enter the city so that he could pay off his debts. Joseph Ausch died in Auscha (Úštek) Bohemia (near Terezin and Litomerice) on August 24, 1674. His grave still exists in the cemetery in Ustek.

During Jentl’s lifetime, in 1670, Jews were expelled from Vienna by Emperor Leopold I, at the urging of his wife Empress Margaret Theresa of Spain, the daughter of King Philip IV of Spain. A number of the families leaving Vienna settled in Prague.

Jentl died around 1700 and is buried in the old Jewish cemetery in Prague.


Expulsion of the Jews from Vienna 1670, Print from a contemporary pamphlet on the expulsion of the Jews from Vienna and other places, 1932, From the collection of: Jewish Museum Vienna
Bertha Pappenheim, a descendant of Glückel bas Judah, poses as Glückel for this portrait painted by the artist Leopold Pilichowski. Portrait courtesy of Leo Baeck Institute.

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