Frumetl Ausch Nachod (c. 1640 – 1724)

Frumetl Ausch was the daughter of Jentl Chalfan and Joseph Ausch, haLevi, the Rosh Medina (literally, “head of the land”), a signatory of the statutes governing Bohemian Jewry (outside Prague) from 1659.

Frumetl was married twice, first to Moshe Lazar Bezalels Chajit, haLevi, and then to Manis Nachod. She had three children with her first husband and one, Benet Nachod, with her second.

Frumetl and her husband Manis Nachod donated three torah curtains, two of them dedicated to their grandson Moyses Nachod.


Prague Jewish Procession 1716. Jüdisches Franckfurter und Prager Freuden-Fest
Johann Jacob SCHUDT · 1716
Torah curtain from the Sinzheim family private synagogue, 1700, From the collection of: Jewish Museum Vienna
Haggadah, Joseph ben David Leipnik, 1737
Portrait of Laura Henschel-Rosenfeld (1857-1944) (first cousin of Dr. Rudolf Kolisch) painted by Maurycy Gottlieb (1856-1879)

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