Chaim Chalfan (c.1600-1648)

Chaim Chalfan was born in Vienna to Joshua Heschel Chalfan. in 1619 Chaim is mentioned in a letter sent from Prague to Vienna by Salomon Horowitz. He was married to Kressel who died in 1633 in Prague, the daughter of haRosh Bezalel ben Chaim, a great-nephew of the Maharal of Prague. Chaim died in Vienna on May 12, 1648. He was buried in the old Jewish cemetery on the Seegasse. The graves in that cemetery were buried to save them from the Nazis and to date Chaim’s grave has not been found. The text of the grave was published by Bernard Wachstein in his 1912 book Die Inschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien (1. Teil, 1540 (?) – 1670).


Jüdische Privatbriefe #13, page 34 from Salomon Horowitz in 1619 mentions Chaim Chalfan.
Rembrandt: Portrait of Dr. Ephraïm Bueno (1599-1665)  Date: 1647,_Physician.jpg
Map of the Jewish quarter in Unterer Werd at the time of its dissolution in 1670, 1656, From the collection of: Jewish Museum Vienna
Boundary stone of the ghetto in Unterer Werd, Ignaz Schwarz (design), A. Kronstein (graphics), 1910, From the collection of: Jewish Museum Vienna

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