News Shorts


Law Street Journal Article (May 1990)

By Randol Schoenberg

Discrimination…The U.S. Department of the Army Judge Advocate General has yet to return the signed statement of non-discrimination which the Placement Office now requires. The new policy prohibits any employers who discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or sexual orientation from using Law Center facilities. The statement which all employers must sign was sent out at the end of last year. If the Army doesn’t comply it will be banned from on campus interviews next year. However, employment information for the army is still available in the Placement Office files. Apparently the files are not considered law center “facilities.”

Library…On Friday, April 20 the new-old wing of the library was opened up. Although construction is not completely finished, books will be moved around at night over the next few weeks. Sitting in the library will be limited during finals. Perfect timing.

Sit down and shut up… The orange couches have disappeared in favor of smaller bluish-grey sofa chairs. Funny how they showed up just in time for the great May 4 bash. Everyone’s going to think that we’re the most comfortable law students in the country. Sandra D. should be really impressed.

More construction…There seem to be a lot more workers doing a lot more work now that the May 4 deadline is approaching. The bathrooms in the basement finally have double doors so the urinals are no longer in public view all the time. There still are no chairs outside the cafeteria in the California Lifestyle Student Lounge. Some shrubs appeared a few weeks ago, but the place still looks like a fish bowl.

May it please the court…The impressive new court room on the first floor of the new wing was opened up for the final Trial Advocacy role-playing contests of the year. Real judges and high school jurors participated for the benefit of the would-be trial lawyers.

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