Legion Lex Meets for First Inn of Court Dinner

“Legion Lex Meets for First Inn of Court Dinner”

Law Street Journal Article (October 1, 1990)

By Randol Schoenberg

On September 18, the Legion Lex Inn of Court held the first of eight programs designed to educate and entertain USC alumni.

Last month’s meeting at Town & Gown featured a program entitled, “The First 30 Days: Winning the Case by Use of Provisional Remedies.” The speakers were Allan Grossman, President of Inn of Court, and name partner at Grossman & Diamond, Bruce Mitchell, Commissioner of the Superior Court, Richard Chernick, partner at Gibson, Dunn, and Professor Erwin Chemerinksy.

The evening began with cocktails in the courtyard and then a fine dinner inside Town & Gown. Afterward, the group of forty lawyers, USC alumni old and young, adjourned to the mock trial room in the Law Center.

Grossman and Chemerinsky began the program with a discussion of professional responsibility. In tag team style they presented the current law and addressed problem areas for practicing lawyers, such as communication with opposing parties, splitting fees, and Chemerinksy’s favorite topic, Rule 11 sanctions.

Commissioner Mitchell then explained the procedure used in obtaining a writ of attachment which he called one of the most powerful prejudgment tools in commercial litigation.

A Writ of Attachment allows a plaintiff to seize the defendant’s assets to insure payment if he can show a probable right to recover in the case. Most plaintiffs will be forced to settle once the Writ is granted since operating a business whose assets have been seized is nearly impossible. The Writ safeguards the plaintiff’s interest before the defendant has a chance to dispose of his assets.

Chernick, a former Inn of Court President, generously declined to give his part of the program since the other speakers had gone over time. He promised to speak at a later Inn of Court meeting.

Inn of Court is an international organization of lawyers and judges. The Inn began in England as a social club for barristers. In America, the Inn has served both a social and an educational role.

Legion Lex wants to encourage law students to attend Inn of Court meetings. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 16, at 6:00 p.m. and will feature a demonstration in jury selection. Student participants are needed. If interested, please contact Marlene Bega in the Development and Alumni Office in Town & Gown, room 200.

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