No More ‘Prince’

The Daily Princetonian (11/5/84) – Letter to the Daily Princetonian


By E. Randol Schoenberg (’88)

To the Chairman:

I suspect that the “Prince” will receive many letters in response to Charles Huber’s column (Oct. 26) proposing a 15 per cent Jewish and three per cent minorities quota. I, however, do not I intend to dispute Huber’s claims; he doesn’t deserve that much consideration. Rather, I want to respond to what I feel is irresponsible journalism on the part of the ‘Prince’.

That Huber’s column contained offensive Nazi sentiments does not bother me as much as the fact that the ‘Prince’ editorial board considered his views legitimate enough to put in print. I admit that a newspaper must remain objective and be open to all viewpoints, but a newspaper must also be responsible to its readers.

If Huber’s statistics are true, then his column suggests that the people he categorizes as “Jewish or minority” comprise over 50 per cent of the campus readers of the ‘Prince’. A column proposing that 65 per cent of these people do not deserve to be at Princeton is more than insulting, it is infuriating. I should hope that it would be the same for those students and faculty fortunate enough not to be in Huber’s “Bottom 50.” A newspaper is being too objective when it prints a letter that offends a large majority of its readers.

Would any of you continue associating with a society, group or publication which not only tolerates unsubstantiated views against you, but gives them legitimacy by espousing them in print? I suggest that those who were offended by Huber’s column show their displeasure by following me in cancelling their subscription to the ‘Prince’. I hereby cancel my subscription.


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