Welcome to Schoenblog

We Schoenbergs are an opinionated bunch.  When we are together, we like to debate and argue about everything and anything and nothing at all.  We get together often, but when we’re not all in one place, we miss the family interaction.  So, why not start a family blog, where we can float ideas, rant and rave, challenge and annoy, just as if we were all on vacation together?

The Schoenblog is a place for public comments.  It is not intended for private family matters.  Only post a blog entry here whenever you feel like saying something that other people in the world should read.

We have an eclectic family with expertise in many fields (e.g. law, archaeology, genetics, electrical engineering, philosophy, music, art, photography, statistics, advertising, language, literature, and tennis), so I expect our blog posts will cover a wide range of topics.  That should make this blog interesting, not only to us, but to others as well.

I actually started a blog (actually an on-line diary) in May 1997, but that was before most people had ever heard of blogs. (The term “blog” was coined in 1999.)  Fifteen years later, I am ready to start again in this collaborative fashion.  I am hopeful that as a family we can come up with something interesting, not only to us, but to the rest of the world as well.

So go ahead and post your thoughts, your critiques, your reviews, your ideas or anything at all.  Just like when we’re all together at Rockingham.



5 thoughts on “Welcome to Schoenblog

  1. I am not an expert on anything, but I guess that’s never stopped me from voicing my opinions. And really, how could I resist participating in something named Schoenblog.
    By the way, cool photo.

  2. I don’t know about the avocado trees and when they were planted, but the house looks amazingly similar to how it looked then. I like the car, too! Was it Arnold’s car?
    Schoenblogfully yours,

  3. This is such a great idea, but I’m worried I’m not cut out for blogging. I don’t even have an idea for a comment. I was going to write my own post about an interesting legal issue that was litigated in my court today, but as I wrote I realized I don’t know all the facts, and this will be cemented in cyberspace for all eternity…so I chickened out. I now have newfound respect for bloggers.

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